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About Celanis Paintball and Titus Celani

Doing paintball as a business honestly came to me by being at the right place at the right time. I was driving home from work late one night in Florida when I saw a sign at a local dive shop. It stated "We sell paintball!" I pulled in and the man behind the counter knew nothing about the sport. When listening to the sales speech of how for example this Jeep part will fit into this Ford truck, I knew this place needed help. I proceeded to talk to him about the sport, it's history and how his flatline barrel would not fit onto the piranha in my hand. I was hired on the spot and did that for roughly 2 years before leaving.

In those two years I learned a lot about business the old fashioned way, on my own. I was taught many things too: I learned the value of a dollar, good customer service will go a long way, & to apply what I've been told since I was a little boy, to treat others the way you want to be treated.

Why buy from me? I'm a family business. You buying from me keeps my lights on and my family fed. So with that in mind, you better believe I'll do whatever it takes to earn your business.

Family Business: Being Italian & Irish, family comes 1st in my book. When customers would come into my store, I'd talk to them like I've known them my whole life I was told. I've been treating customers like family since 2004 & I'll always do that.

American Made Products: Celanis Paintball was also based on keeping jobs alive and well in America. With that said, most of my products are made in the USA. From paint to hoppers, barrel plugs to barrels. All of my items that are made in the USA, are marked on this site. And you'll see a ton of that here. I was tired of seeing the big PB chains importing cheap chinese made hoppers when we have businesses here in the USA who can make it better. I was tired of people coming back with their pod packs torn in half after a week of play only to see made in china printed on the tag. It had to stop. And...it did.

The only way to get this US economy back on it's feet is to start buying local and made in the USA products. Some products on my site will be a little more than other sites. Reason is because it's made in the US. I do not outsource! Buying these products keeps Americans working.

So thank you for taking the time to read this and supporting my business! Without YOU, none of this would be possible.

Titus Celani